Coronavirus Information

The Coronavirus (COVID-19)  is a serious health issue that is spreading quickly in the U.S. and around the world. Pastor Dan and Roy have provided this set of links to information.

  1. This links to a Meet the Press interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci.
  2. This links to a Dr. Fauci interview on Good Morning America 1 week ago:
  3. This links to a Dr. Fauci interview on Morning Joe today, March 13, 2020:
  4. This links to a Dr. Fauci interview on ABC's This Week, 02-15-20:
  5. This links to a fact page from the CDC. 
  6. This links to an article from an Emergency Room doctor, it has links to other sites that provide important information. These links are near the bottom of the article. 
    ER Doc 411: Report from the front lines on COVID19 and some practical thoughts
  7. This links to another article from the same ER doctor: 
  8. This links to an amazing data site created by a 17-year old Seattle teen named Avi Schiffman ( Here is his site:
  9. Read about the danger of complacency:
  10. Five Myths About the Coronavirus. This links to a piece in the Washington Post, 03-16-20.
  11. This links to an upbeat article by Adm. McRaven.
  12. Here's another upbeat article.

The virus situation is moving so fast that you must stay tuned to radio and tv news for the latest information.

Go to here for factual information for how we Californians need to respond to this pandemic.